Thursday, June 22, 2017

Trip to Leeds

It is my mum's birthday at the end of May and to celebrate she decided she wanted to go with us to Leeds, and we decided to make this coincide with Lee and my stepdad going to the cinema to see Alien: Covenant. We went to the Alchemist in Trinity for food, and then Lee and Norman went off to the Everyman Cinema, which is a really lovely cinema if you've never been. It's got cosy sofas and does excellent food and drinks which are served to your seat.

Anyway, my mum and I then went to Angelica's for a drink, and then finally to Yates'. The Alchemist has really amazing food and I would definitely go again. We had cocktails to drink which were lovely and served with a sense of theatre. I instagrammed some photos that I thought I'd share.

The next day I went back to Leeds to meet up with two uni friends, one of whom I haven't seen in over three years! We went to Turtle Bay in the Light, and then went into Epernay champagne bar, and finally ended up in the other Alchemist on Greek Street. It was a really lovely day but I think I had my fill of Leeds for a while!

Anyway, here are my photos:

This was a Pornstar Martini which Sam has got me into drinking - really yummy! The prosecco came in a little beaker.

This was my chilli and rice, served with nachos in this gorgeous tiffin box

Then this was The Colour Changing One, it came with two beakers and one was blue and the other was clear, and when one was added to the other it bubbled and smoked for ages. Such a lot of fun!

We both look incredibly young in this photo.

A Venetian Sunrise in Angelica's. It tasted a bit like an alcoholic irn bru, yummy

We had a drink in Everyman with Lee and Norman, before heading to Yates' where I had this uber sweet Refreshers cocktail. I'm not sure I would get it again! I had a lot of fun though.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

What I Wore 27th May

As you saw previously, Lee's sister Kim got married at the end of May and we went up to Durham for the wedding. I bought this Scarlett & Jo dress in a half price sale in around February and thought I would save it for Kim's wedding as I was sure it would be perfect.

It is a typical S&J dress - it has a lining and two layers of netting underneath, it's cotton with a tiny bit of stretch, and it has these really gorgeous sleeves which I liked. I love the pattern on it, and I like the wrap top. It was gaping a little bit, so I used two safety pins to keep it closed. I think if I'd been wearing a different bra it might have been better. Oh well, you can't tell in the photos so I don't care.

I'll definitely be wearing this again. I kept my accesories all pale pink - rose quartz pendant, necklace, and pink earrings. The ribbon was originally tied at the front, but I looped it through so that I could tie it at the back. I think I prefer it this way. My sandals were from Simply Be and they're the absolute most comfortable ever.

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Family Wedding 27th May

Lee's sister got married at the end of May. She and Steven have been together for 17 years and have three kids, and have been enaged for a while, but finally decided to get married this year. They had a humanist ceremony at their own house - they have a huge garden that was big enough for a marquee.

It was really hot as we arrived and as the ceremony started, there were rumblings of thunder overheard. Just as the officiant said, "The new Mr and Mrs Finley", the thunder cracked overhead which was dramatic and funny. It did at least cool the weather down quite a lot. The ceremony was a humanist one (they did the legal bit earlier in the week) and it was really good and full of stuff about respect and about their family.

The heavens then opened and it was raining heavily, and then it started hailing, too. Fortunately this cleared up after a while so the photographer could take photos. There was a food truck that arrived - serving hotdogs, burgers, salads, and veggie options. It was really nice!

We had a really nice time catching up with Lee's family, who we don't see often. Kim and her bridesmaids and the kids all looked gorgeous, and the details that she'd thought of for her vision of a wedding at their home. I took quite a lot of photos:

From inside the marquee when the rain started and the thunderstorm was overhead

The hailstones

This was a present at Lee's place - isn't it lovely? All her brothers had one

Bride and groom, with Tillie just in the corner

All of Lee's siblings. Victoria (who was a bridesmaid), Andrew, Chris, Kim, Lee, and Daniel. Lee is the eldest at 34, Daniel is the youngest at 18

Lee's dad Michael, stepmam Mary, and Victoria. I love this photo!

Lee's dad's speech

Kevin, Lee's uncle, Tracey, Lee's auntie, me, Lee, Lee's mam. Kevin is Lee's dad's brother and Tracey is Lee's mam's sister - how confusing is that?! 

The bar was serving cocktails so I had a couple of strawberry daiquiris

There was little things like this strewn across the gardens

And the garden has an actual stream in it! Isn't it lovely?

I took these photos from the little bridge

First dance - I'm not too sure what the song was but I know it was a pop song, not a slow one

Trying Lee's glasses on, I was a bit tipsy by this point

The cake

Cutting the cake, with Tillie getting her fingers in

Kim's bouquet - it was so stunning

And finally, a late night selfie of Lee and I :)

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

What I Wore 18th May

On 18th May I wasn't working, so I arranged to meet up with Lolly for lunch at Meadowhall. We hadn't seen each other since October, so it was well overdue. Lolly had Franklin with her so we went to the food court so we could each get the food we wanted.

I had a beef burrito from Bar Burrito which I've not eaten at before, so it was nice to try it. I got loads of stuff on mine and it was really delicious. Then Lolly and Franklin and I walked down to the play place for Franklin to have a run around, and we sat chatting and putting the world to rights. We popped into Kiko, which sells make up, and I got a few nice bits. I also went in the American sweet shop and bought some fun looking sodas that we don't get over here, including Cherry 7Up and some cream soda.

Anyway, this is what I was wearing. I bought this spotty dress from Evans a couple of months ago, in the sale before the store relocated in Meadowhall. It's gone as a concession in Wallis, which is a real shame. The shop before was huge and I'm really sad that it's gone. It won't be somewhere I check out much anymore. But I liked this dress and it seemed like a good dress to chuck on to go out in.

The wrap is a mock wrap, which is good for me because it stops any inadvertent flashes of knickers. There's a stitch at the top of the chest wrap, to stop it exposing your bra. I love the sleeve length and the material has a nice feel to it. For £20 it was a pretty good buy!

This was what my nails looked like - one of the Barry M Aquarium collection, it's a gorgeous gold green

Dress, from Evans

Just to show you the wrap part, which is securely sewn shut!

Monday, June 12, 2017

Stationery Heaven haul

In May I had a little splurge on some new letter stationery so I thought I'd post about the company and what I got, because I really liked them and I like to promote small companies like this.

You might know that I have a lot of penpals and I really like writing letters and sending mail. I have a lot of stationery but I can never seem to resist more, and when someone on my penpal group shared a link to this website I had a browse and then placed an order. The order arrived really quickly and I was so excited to see what was inside!

I ordered from Stationery Heaven which is based in the Netherlands but the order arrived in really good time. It was well packaged and I had to cut the tape carefully. Inside was this gorgeous envelope and sticker. I'll definitely be reusing this envelope!

It was like Christmas! I was being so careful. This Amy & Tim notebook was a free gift, it's so cute. 

I loved this ice cream letter pad, I love kawaii food stuff like this. 

I'm not sure I've ever seen Toy Story stationery before so I liked this pad. 

Who can resist unicorn paper? I love the rainbow on the hair. 

And this matching cat paper is just gorgeous too. 

And then my last thing was this surprise lot of letter paper. The paper inside has a very cute fat bird on it! 

I'm definitely looking forward to getting to use some of this stuff :) 

Friday, June 9, 2017

What I Wore 14th May

14th May was a busy day for me. It was my friend Pippa's 40th birthday and she was having a party in Sheffield, and from there we were going with our friends Bettie and Jen to my mother's as we're soon going on holiday together and needed to do online check in and all that stuff.

I had already decided to wear this Hell Bunny dress I got recently in the sale from Simply Be. I wasn't sure it would fit, and although it is a little bit snug around my waist, I think it looks fine. In fact, I think it looks perfect! The arms are a bit snug on me too, but they're not uncomfortable. The black bit at the top and the belt are velvet textured, which is nice. The material is houndstooth pattern, which you can't see very well in the picture, and it's quite thick, which meant I was quite warm as it was a warm day! Oh well, I'll know in the future. The skirt is really flared and spins gorgeously - I can't be the only one who likes to twirl in a spinny skirt!

I decided to keep my accessories green - I love my green brogues so I also wore green make up, jewellery, and hair clip. I got a lot of compliments on the dress so I'll definitely be wearing it again.

I also really want to wear this dress with black patent shoes and red lipstick

Pippa's party was held at the Showroom Cinema which weirdly enough was where Lee and I ate on Saturday that wekeend too. She had a gorgeous rainbow cake handmade by a friend, and it was so nice to meet her family and catch up with friends. The buffet was lovely and the cake was even lovelier! 

I had a yellow bit

A friend of Pippa's had made her this gorgeous rainbow bunting, filled with things that she loves. I particularly like the Emmerdale one. 

Here's the birthday girl about to cut her cake! 

Lee and Bettie and Jen and I then went to my mother's where she had made a roast beef dinner. It was delicious! Then for dessert she made this - it's ginger biscuits dipped in sherry and sandwiched together with cream. She used to make it a lot when I was little, so I requested it for this meal! 

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Night Out in Huddersfield

In May I had a night out in Huddersfield with Sam and Steph. After our weekend away in March, we said we should get together in Huddersfield and have food and some drinks. We decided on the middle of May and decided to eat at Med One, which is one of my favourite restaurants.

Steph and I met at 4pm and went into the Byram Arcade to go to Crafty Praxis. I've never been before, but I follow the shop on Instagram and know a few people who have their stuff stocked there. I bought a couple of things but one is a present so I won't show pictures! It's a really lovely place and I'd recommend having a trip there if you're ever in the area!

Then we went to Med One and waited for Sam. The food is Turkish/Greek style, and it's absolutely delicious. Really yummy and you get loads for your money. I had labneh to start with - yoghurt combined with mint, chilli seeds, coriander, and oil, and served with a flatbread to dip in. It was yummy.

Then I had chicken shawarma, which was gorgeously spiced. It came with rice and garlic dip. I nearly always have either this or the lamb shawarma at Med One because I just like them so much. 

We had a bottle of Prosecco to share in the restaurant. 

Then we went to Vox, which I've been in before. It's owned by a friend of a friend and it's a pretty nice place. They play good music, too. The first cocktail I had was a Bubblegum something, and although it was okay it wasn't spectacular. 

It was a really pretty colour though. 

Then we had a bunch of shooters, they were so bad but also so good. The ones in the middle were interesting - they had a shot of tequila in ginger beer and were actually really nice!

Then we went to Zephyr which is a prohibition style bar that I've not been to before. We sat on the mezzanine which was fun. I had an amaretto sour for the first cocktail, which the barman set fire to! It was yummy. 

Then I had a Kentucky Pear which came in this cute teapot. It was interesting - bourbon, pear liquor, and apple juice. I might have to try to make this at home! I wonder where I can buy pear liqueur from? 

We then moved on to Huddersfield Cocktail Club which is a secret kind of place and has somewhat of an Alice in Wonderland theme. This was a raspberry something or other, it was nice but quite sharp. 

I don't remember what this was called but it was lots of rum, Tia Maria, and pineapple juice. It was nice and refreshing. 

By this time we were almost ready to leave to get the last trains home. It was not even 10pm but it had suited me fine because all the bars we went in weren't too busy which is better for my anxiety. I had such a wonderful time just having fun with my friends. We're definitely going to do it again!

And here are my lovely friends! Thanks girls!