Friday, February 16, 2018

What I Wore January 20th

As I said, I'd ordered a few dresses from Scarlett and Jo but only kept two. This was the second one and it's definitely more of a summer dress as it has tiny sleeves, but I really wanted to wear it so I just packed my long sleeved black cardigan to wear over the top. I absolutely adore the colour of this dress, it's a gorgeous dark purple which really shows off the dots. It's really similar to my Lollidot heart purple dress in style, but this one is darker in colour. It also, again, has pockets, which I love! I think I'll wear this a lot because it's one of those dresses you can just throw on but which look stunning.

I can't wait to wear this on holiday

Do you like Bettie's reflection in the mirror?

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

What I Wore January 19th

Just before Christmas I ordered a few bits off Scarlett and Jo, but I sent most of it back and just kept a couple of dresses. They're both more summery dresses really but I wanted to wear them so I just made them work. Layers are my friend!

So first of all, on my birthday itself, I wore this pinafore dress. I'd seen it on the website but couldn't really work out how it would look on me, but then last June I saw it on someone else and thought it looked really cute with a plain top underneath. So I ordered it. I liked this colour and thought I'd pair it with a plain black top from Simply Be. The straps are a bit loose on me, even on the tightest button, so I might sew them a bit tighter.

The skirt is really nice and flowy, though, and the dress as a whole is a nice length on me. It also has pockets, and they're really deep and useful. I really like the dress, but I'm also glad I didn't pay full price for it, if that makes sense.

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Saturday in Scarborough

We had a really chilled out Saturday in Scarborough which we possibly all needed. After a relaxed late breakfast of croissants and crumpets, we headed on to the front. We played in some amusements and then played pool for ages upstairs in Gilly's, before heading to the Harbour Bar again. This time I definitely wanted a sundae as I hadn't had one the day before. It was really busy but we managed to get seats along the bar.

After the Harbour Bar we went to look at Scarborough Castle and also found Anne Bronte's grave. I knew she died in Scarborough but I've never seen the grave before, so it was fun to find it.

We headed back to the apartment soon afterwards and relaxed all evening. We got fish and chips from a local chippy at about 7pm, and played a bunch of board games. It was just really lovely.

This Scarborough based art was on the wall in our flat

I took this panorama of the south bay

Lee playing pool

Lee and I doing our best impression of being in an Edward Hopper painting

Coke float!

And my Pear Valentino, it was yummy and had loads of pear in it

Lee and I - such a lovely photo of us :) 

Part of the castle, although we didn't go in

Looking down on the bay from near Anne Bronte's grave

The original gravestone, and the slab placed just a few years ago

It's nice that lots of people still visit it

The new slab

And finally, my stepdad took this photo on his new go-pro type camera, it's cool isn't it?

Thursday, February 8, 2018

Birthday Evening Out

So as I said, we were in Scarborough for my birthday. After we'd been to the Sealife Centre we went down on to the front and into the Harbour Bar. It's a Scarborough tradition and it's gorgeous. We got there just about 4.20, which is January means they weren't far off closing. Still, we managed to get drinks and ice creams. I had a strawberry ice cream milkshake which was yummy.

We headed back to the apartment for a little while so I could open my birthday presents. Lee bought me a gorgeous claddagh ring and a few other bits, but we've also booked to go away in March to Skipton too. My mum bought me some jewellery and a really pretty glass, and some other bits. We had some wine and got changed and ready, and headed down to Ask about 7pm.

I'm not sure I've ever been to Ask in any place except Scarborough, but it's one of my favourite restaurants there. It's right on the harbour with views of the bay and loads of lobster nets stacked up next to it. I love it! I booked a table and what made it even sweeter was that I had a voucher for 50% off main courses. That made it really cheap! We each had a starter and a main, and plenty of drinks, and then headed back to the apartment for birthday cake.

I had arancini and a calzone, both of which were so delicious. Everyone enjoyed the food so it was a good choice. Here's some photos:

Strawberry milkshake in the Harbour Bar

My stepdad, mum, Lee, Jen, and Bettie

My mum bought this stuff that you put in sparkling wine and it makes it sparkly and swirly. It's fun but I didn't like the taste of it very much

My friend Laura bought me a Terry Barlow tote bag, I love him so much

Here's the claddagh ring Lee bought me, it has a garnet in it for my birthstone

This was some kind of tropical mojito, I liked it. I shared a bottle of good red with my mum and stepdad too 

The cake wouldn't come out in whole pieces but it was delicious and chocolate orange flavoured

Finally, here was my last photo in the room we were going to share with Bettie and Jen, but the bunk beds were really rickety so we ended up sleeping on the sofa bed in the living room instead. It was pretty comfortable though. 

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

My birthday in Scarborough

19th January was my 34th birthday, and we went to Scarborough for the weekend, with my mum, stepdad, and our friends Bettie and Jen. It was absolutely lovely and although I'm so, so tired afterwards, it was worth it. I booked us into a flat on Columbus Ravine which had free on street parking which was useful for us. I would stay there again even though it was quite small, Scarborough can be really expensive but this wasn't too bad. We set off on Friday morning, my birthday, and got to the flat around 1pm.

The layout was a bit odd, we had to go through one of the bedrooms to get into the flat, and there wasn't much communal space, but it was perfectly fine for us for the weekend. We left our stuff and went to the Sealife Centre. I went to the one in Scarborough when I was about nine years old or something, and I've been to some others, but I hadn't been to this one in twenty five years! So I thought it would be fun to do. We booked online, which saves you 50% of the ticket price! Unfortunately, we couldn't see the Giant Octopus because they're redoing its exhibit, but we were given vouchers to go back for free once it is open. We also couldn't walk with the penguins because of a current risk of bird flu, but we could still see the penguins.

We set off looking in the main fish tanks, looking at fish and manta rays, then some jellyfish, then a tannoy announcement came on to tell us that they were about to feed the seals, so we headed outside to watch that. There were two seals in the seal hospital, who were rescued near Scarborough, but the main ones were outside in the seal pool. There are five adults who can't be released for one reason or another, and four pups currently who will be released close to the coast. The worker feeding them was really knowledgeable about them and told us a lot about their past, which was really lovely.

After the seals the penguins were being fed so we headed to them. They are so cute, I would like to steal one and keep it in the bath. Again, the worker telling us about them knew a lot of stuff. Once that was done we headed back inside and saw the rest of the fish and stuff. All in all, we spent two hours in there which was a good amount of time.

I think I'll post a bunch of photos from the Sealife Centre now and leave the rest of my birthday for the next post!

Gorgeous big manta rays


I love the way the light was hitting this one

Fish in a huge tank

There were so many fish in this tank!

This yellow striped one kept swimming backwards and forwards in front of us. Honestly I could've stood here for ages watching these fish

Jellyfish. I think they're so beautiful even though they're so poisonous

Lots of the Sealife animals are rescue animals for one reason or another, but these ones were bred at the centre

Bettie and Jen through the jellyfish tank

These are upside down jellyfish! So cool

The seals!

Doesn't this one really look like a dog swimming?

Out of the water!


My mum against the scale of penguins

This one was called Custard and he came across to see us

Otters! There are just two at the centre

Shark! He was about two feet tall

Giant Turtle! He was so beautiful

Chilling on top of the water


And finally, a clownfish :)